The French Blatting Company


October 2017


 I had a normal day trying to sleep sitting up in a chair. If I lie down I start coughing so have to get out of bed and come downstairs and sit upright in a chair. In the aftrenoon Tanya and Paul came round. Paul was a bit upset as he'd failed his motorbike test. He was given a route and took the wrong lane on one of the roundabouts. He changed lanes but it was a fail. They went and we ordered a takaway.


Same as yesterday really, just sat in a chair and watched TV. I think I'm getting better.


 Same as yesterday, I am getting better and getting an hour or so sleep.


 Another totally boring day. But had a few hours sleep last night


Same as yesterday and the day before. We phoned the Notaire in Pouance and found out.... nothing. He didn't know what the settlement figure on the mortgage was or when we would complte. He will have to send us another set of paperes to sign so I'm guessing it will complete mid-November. I had two visits from bathroom companies to do up Lynne's bathroom. She's decided as she won't use the bath she'll have my shower room and I can turn her bathroom into a wet room with a larg(er) shower.


Another bathroom person came, a nice young lady. She seems to have some imagination so let's hope she comes up with the goods.


This morning I went out to a breakfast meeting of the traditional Car Club of Doncaster. It was held in a pub along a lane at Fenwick. Nothing but smelly farms and a pub. Great morning. On the way back I called into one of the bathroom showrooms to see what he had come up with but imagination was missing. I had said he should have the door opening outwards and just make the whole floor into a wet room but he left the door as it is and put a screen up where the bath was. Not very good. I said I didn't like it and he said he'd think about it. Watched TV for the rest of the day.


 Didn't do much at all today. This is getting boring!


Another boring day.


 As yesterday and the day before I spent a very boring day doing nothing.


 At last an exciting day. Doesn't take much to get me excited these days.... At 1430 a chap from Kirby Bathrooms came and looked at the bathroom. He's the first of the four that have been that has understood what I want and is prepared to do it. He says he'll get back to me with some drawings and figures soon. We left home at 1500 to get a bed set from Argos and then go to the phone repair shop in the centre of Barnsley. Lynne took the phone in whilst I waited outside as I was parked on double yellow lines. She came out and said he was a miserable so-snd-so and wanted £15 to change the battery (I had the battery) but another £25 if it won't come out (they are glued in). I decided not to bother and put the new battery on the parcel shelf. A school lad came over and asked what my car cost. I told him more than his pocket money. He then asked what it was so I told him it's a Lotus. He didn't seem to have heard of Lotus so went back to his mates on the other side of the road. We then set of for Pontefract Hospital for my 1530 appointment with Dr. Johnson about sleep apnoia. We got there and were expected. I had a nurse do height, weight, BP etc and then, after a 5 minute wait was shown into Dr. Johnsons room. He is a very nice man and had all my French reports on his desk. He had understood enough to see that I had both types of Apnoea. He asked a few questions and I was then directed to another room where a nurse prepared a machine for me. We left the hospital at 1730.

From the hospital we went to the Burghwallis Pub for the meeting of the Traditional Car Club of Doncaster. We had some food in the bar and then joined everyone in the back room.We picked up our bi-monthly magazine and after an hour or so left for home.I slept with my mask on for the first time since June.Slept through the night.


 For the first time in two weeks we went to the quiz. We are getting better, we got 16 tonight. The winner got 46 so we have some way to go yet.


 Back to boredom. I ring one of the bathroom people and make an appointment to visit the showroom tomorrow.


 Busy day. I go to the bathroom showroom and it's all very nice but they haven't done what I wanted They are going to provide better costings if I agree to let them bring a tiler and an electrician to price it up. I said I'd let them know. On the way home I called in at Screwfix to buy a leaf blower. I paid for it but they are out of stock and will have to come back tomorrow afternoon. I also call i at the post office to post some letters.


A boring morning which I slept away on the couch. After lunch I picked up another bed set from Argos and the leaf blower from Screwfix. Get home and unpack and assemble the leaf blower. Connect it to the mains and start blowing. All is well until I get to the garge door (from the inside) where I find the wind is blowing the leaves in faster than I'm blowing them out. I turn the blower to suck and suck the last leaves up.

































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